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GD200829 - Floral A-Line Sweetheart Sleeveless Dress

GD200829 - Floral A-Line Sweetheart Sleeveless Dress

The design combines vintage elements with modern femininity. It evokes a sense of timeless elegance while remaining fresh and youthful.

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  • Design and Silhouette: The dress is a mid-length garment, falling somewhere between knee and calf length. Its overall silhouette is feminine and elegant.
  • Pattern and Colors: The dress features a delightful floral pattern. The predominant colors are soft pink and green, creating a harmonious and spring-like feel. The light background allows the floral design to stand out.
  • Bodice and Neckline: The fitted bodice is a key feature. It has thin straps that delicately frame the shoulders. The neckline is a sweetheart style, adding a touch of romance. At the center front, there’s a charming bow detail that draws attention.
  • Waist and Skirt: The waist appears cinched, emphasizing an hourglass shape. From the waist, the skirt flares out gracefully. It’s voluminous and creates movement as you walk. The skirt’s hem features lace or tulle detailing, adding texture and whimsy.
  • Fabric and Season: The dress seems to be made of a lightweight fabric, perfect for spring or summer events. It’s comfortable and breathable, ideal for outdoor gatherings or garden parties.
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