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GD101630 - Sequin A-Line Dipped Sleeveless Dress

GD101630 - Sequin A-Line Dipped Sleeveless Dress

This sequined gown is a harmonious blend of sophistication, sensuality, and elegance—a true showstopper for any glamorous occasion. 

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  • Elegant Silhouette: The dress boasts a long, flowing silhouettethat gracefully drapes down to the floor. Its elongated form exudes sophistication and timeless allure.
  • Fitted Bodice: The gown features a fitted bodicewith a sweetheart neckline. The delicate straps add a touch of femininity, framing the décolletage beautifully.
  • Sparkling Embellishments: Prepare to be dazzled! The dress is adorned with intricate embellishmentsthat catch the light with every movement. These shimmering accents elevate the gown from ordinary to extraordinary.
  • Open and Alluring Back: The gown features an open back design, revealing just enough skin to intrigue without compromising.
  • 19 color choices: the dress is available in an array of captivating hues, allowing you to select the perfect shade that resonates with your personal style and preferences.
  • Size-friendly: The adjustable lace-up straps the back plus slightly stretch fabric making it super versatile and size-friendly.
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